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The Longest Lasting is a series of four trilogies. Each trilogy leads into the next but has its own story. Ultimately, The Longest Lasting is about Humanity and how it dies off for thousands of years due to its own destructive ways, and how one surviving individual brought it back to life using his own DNA.

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The Monolith Edit

Part 1 - Winter Desert Edit

Part 2 - The Eastwatch Navigation Edit

Part 3 - Dry Run Edit

The Closing Edit

Part 1 - The Replacements, The End Edit

Part 2 - Falling Star Edit

Part 3 - Edge Of The Earth, The Beginning Edit

The Star Atlas Edit

Part 1 - The Terran Siege Edit

Part 2 - Warhammer Edit

Part 3 - The Lost World Edit

The Historian Edit

Part 1 - Time Destroyer Edit

Part 2 - The Titans Edit

Part 3 - Everlaster Edit

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